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Cli RubyGem Project

HTML | CSS | Ruby | Twitter API

This is the first RubyGem I have made listed as 'Popular_deals' at Rubygems.org. It's a CLI app that shows users a list of popular deals from www.slickdeals.net/deals and users can view more details about any deal by just typing deal number.

Sinatra Portfolio Project

HTML | CSS | Ruby | Twitter API | SQL | Rack | Sinatra

This is my second project. For this assessment, I have created a Sinatra CRUD app with MVC model. My application is about coding tips because that is one of the things I normally look for.

Rails Project

Rails | JS | jQuery | JSON Api

My third interesting project. Here, I have buit a complete Ruby on Rails application - habitude - that manages related data through complex forms, RESTful routes, jQuery and a JSON Api.

React Redux Project

HTML | CSS | Ruby | Rails | JS | React | Redux

This is my final project with Flatiron School. For this assessment, I have built a web application for my husband Trushal Chitalia, who is a Realtor.


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Hi, my amazing visitor! I hope you are having a great time browsing through my website.

I am Hima, a creative Web Developer with a strong marketing background. I am here to make beautiful websites that add value and make users happy. A simple list of my hobbies includes traveling, reading and writing. I am a positive thinker and a big dreamer who is blessed with a beautiful daughter, Baani.

I am a graduate of the Flatiron School, NYC. To see my Portfolio, please click here.

To visit my Blog, Please click here.

You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you have any valuable suggestions to make this place more interesting or if you just want to contact me, please fill out the form. I will try to reply you as soon as I can.

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